Millikan Boats is a designer of innovative boats, who imagined and realized the M.9, the first electro-solar catamaran of 30 feet totally autonomous. The values of Millikan Boats are innovation, respect of the environment and the pleasure of sailing. Thanks to a 100% electric energy, we propose you a comfortable, silent, very economical and without constraints boat.

This new range has therefore found the right balance between high solar production, light batteries, efficient motors, and optimized hulls. The DNA of the Millikan Boats brand is to offer the sensations of sailing, with the comfort and the pleasure of thermic thanks to the work of our architecture agency Vincent Lebailly Yacht Design.

Description of MILLIKANS BOATS


The M.9 is respectful of its environment

For several years now, coastal municipalities and public authorities have been making boaters aware of the need to protect the seabed. Anchors are now a real scourge for seaweed, which is essential to the underwater ecosystem.

The M.9 is equipped with a very innovative virtual anchor feature, which, thanks to a precise GPS and computerized engine management, allows the boat to stay at a fixed position without having to drop the anchor. With a simple click, the yachtsman immobilizes his boat, which remains at its position thanks to small energy transfers to its rotating engines. The consumption is almost zero, the virtual anchor can be used for several hours, even several days.

The M.9 is equipped with two solar wings that deploy as soon as it leaves the port. Activated by two simple and powerful marine cylinders, and held by a tip and a cleat, the kinematics of the opening of the wings gives the impression of the flight of a bird. When returning to port, the wings are simply folded down by pulling on the tip, guided by a hoist and held by the cleat. The maneuver is very similar to lowering a sail. For port maneuvers, the cleat combined with the force of the cylinders, allows to leave one or the other wing half-open, in order to let pass the possible hang.

By deploying, the wings offer 20% more energy to the boat, without hindering navigation and visibility.

The M.9 is equipped with two motors of 15 kW each, producing a power comparable to a 50CV engine.

The M.9 is an innovative boat, as much for its ecological motorization as for its autonomy and its unique features. Thanks to a close collaboration with the engine manufacturer, the M.9 has electric pods that turn on themselves, and are retractable. Beaching becomes a child’s play, and port maneuvers are very simple.


Construction :

The shipyard that will be building these production units is none other than the Chantier naval de la Passagère, based in St Malo and directed by Julien Reemers.

As for the motorization, it is entrusted to one of the best manufacturers of electric motors in Europe. Maintenance-free, these motors offer very low power consumption, all without noise or vibration.


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Technical sheet

Overall length : 9.51 m
Overall width (wings folded down) : 3.39 m
Overall width (wings unfolded) : 5.78 m
Draft : 0.44 m
Light displacement: 2060 kg
Full load displacement: 2960 kg
Engine: 2 * BlueNav SpinFix 15 kW
Category CE/ max pers : C / 6 persons max