Rib-Horn 700

Rib-Horn 700


The Rib-Horn 700 is the first production unit in the Rib-Horn range. A series of robust and innovative aluminium RIBs designed for coastal cruising and safe sailing.

Description of Rib-Horn 700

The ergonomics of the Rib-Horn 700 were at the centre of the VLYD design team’s thinking. Indeed, this RIB is a real innovation thanks to its atypical and intelligent ergonomics. The floats on each side are truncated in two, in the shape of a D: a technical choice which provides stability to the whole perfectly equivalent to a classic rigid semi-rigid but also represents a real saving of space in the cockpit. This innovative choice by the architects has made it possible to create a real living space in the cockpit, which is exceptional for a boat of this size.

The Rib-Horn is therefore innovative in its ergonomics and design.


Technical sheet

Overall length : 7.66m
Hull length : 6.98m
Overall width : 2.94m
Light displacement : 1 982kg
Motorisation : 110 cv
Petrol capacity: 220L
Certification : Category C
Manufacturer : Rib-Horn

Thanks to the vertical internal floats, the future owners will have a pleasant living space in the cockpit: tables, benches and storage can be arranged in this space, in addition to a small kitchen and a comfortable helm station. Inside, a cabin with a double bed and a toilet have been fitted. The Rib-Horn will allow everyone to enjoy coastal weekends at sea thanks to its layout and equipment adapted to life on a boat.


This series of semi-rigid units has an aluminium hull, deck and fittings. This gives an unrivalled strength and resistance to this beautiful semi-rigid. Aluminium is a material that can be deformed in the event of an impact, unlike other materials that can break (e.g. composite fibre). In other words, the Rib-Horn is a robust semi-rigid boat that allows for very safe sailing, on the rocks, so that you can spend peaceful moments with family or friends.

The choice of aluminium also makes it possible to offer a fully modular range.

The fittings can therefore be personalised by the future owners of these units. The front of the boat, currently designed with saddlery for resting in the sun, can also be designed in the same way as the rear with an open deck covered with Flexiteck and benches.

The Rib-Horn brand knows how to listen to expectations and requests in order to propose a unit that will best meet the requirements of the owner.


The first RIB of this range is already under construction by our partner, the AASM shipyard, specialised in the construction of aluminium units.

PLANS OF Rib-Horn 700