UTOPIA 480′ – Urban floating island


The UTOPIA480′ project is a creation of the architect Vincent Lebailly: a haven of greenery in the middle of a basin, a floating mirage allowing you to isolate yourself, rest and enjoy the pleasure of being on the water. The Vincent Lebailly Yacht Design agency expresses its desire to make access to water available to as many people as possible. It is with this in mind that the agency has embarked on the creation of this island innovation.

Description of UTOPIA 480′ – Urban floating island


The island is organised around several green areas, mainly around a central tree that provides a unique visual identity as well as technical stability to the platform.  Architects have emphasised the ecological and benevolent character of the island with the insertion of lateral shrubs. The interior layout is modular and “à la carte”, according to needs. Benches, deckchairs and/or tables can be placed to enjoy moments of rest on the water.


The hexagonal shape of this creation is a very well thought-out choice by the VLYD agency. Indeed, it will allow different islands to be joined together, side by side, in order to create a vast and modular archipelago. Accessibility was also at the centre of the reflections. Several means are available to future visitors to reach UTOPIA480. On the one hand, they will be able to reach the island by swimming, kayaking, paddling or any other small boat that will easily dock at UTOPIA. Indeed, devices have been put in place to allow visitors to moor in complete peace of mind. In this way, visitors will be able to develop the nautical experience by the sea to the end. Nevertheless, another way is proposed to visitors to reach the floating island. Modular pontoons from the Marine Floor brand can be used. This will allow a more secure and stable access to UTOPIA.


Moreover, the various construction and maintenance issues for the operator have been carefully analysed and considered by the agency. The composite deck limits maintenance and construction costs, requires no maintenance and allows for quick and easy cleaning. In addition, the dead works will be covered with an ecological material capable of protecting the submerged hull bottom against the small impacts of grounding. Furthermore, a major advantage is that the island is composed of 4 transportable parts (road gauge), bolted together on site.

Our UTOPIA480 is the smallest model in the UTOPIA range. Later, this range will aim to offer models of different sizes and different ergonomics according to the expectations and needs of the operator. It is the brand JUNO YACHTS that will start the prototyping of the first French floating island, during the first months of the year 2023.

To find out more about this VLYD creation: https://www.junoyachts.com/utopia-480

Technical sheet

Total assembled length : 4.90m
Total width : 4.90m
Dimensions Transport : 4.90m / 2.45m
Draught : 0.275m
Air draught : +/- 4.0m
Light Displacement : 3.2 tonnes

PLANS OF UTOPIA 480′ – Urban floating island