ARSOUIN 40′ hybrid

The ARSOUIN 40′ is the first series production aluminium sailing boat powered by an electric motor.

The design of this 100% electric dinghy was carried out in close collaboration with ARSOUIN MARINE. A company specially created to build and promote ARSOUIN units and wishing to develop its range by starting with this sumptuous 12-metre electric sailing dinghy.

Description of ARSOUIN 40′ hybrid

(All interior images by Natalie AMOROS, / R3Dstudio)

The ARSOUIN 40′ is a perfectly ecological and totally autonomous sailing boat thanks to its numerous recharging solutions. This electric sailing dinghy was designed in collaboration with ARSOUIN MARINE and our team.

Equipped with integrated and custom-made solar panels, wind turbines and capable of hydrogeneration when sailing, this boat is optimised to manage the capacities of its various battery banks. Placed in the middle of the hull, they also serve as ballast for the 12-metre aluminium yacht.

The coachroof is divided into two levels, so as not to obstruct the captain’s vision and to provide the necessary headroom when descending.

Technical sheet

Length Overall: 12.47 m
Length at Waterline: 11.57 m
Beam Overall: 4.15 m
Light displacement: 12 tonnes
Draught: 1.1/2.60 m
Sail Area: 84.7 m²
Drive system: 20 kW electric motor
Propulsion battery capacity: 70 kWh
Fresh Water capacity: 200 L
CE Certification: Cat A
Boat builder: Arsouin Marine

On the outside, ARSOUIN 40′ is fitted with a deckhouse inspired by racing yachts, and overhanging the stairs leading to the interior of the boat. This cap provides protection from the elements, visibility to the bow, and ample space to manoeuvre the winches and blockers, which are protected by it.

The ARSOUIN 40 is an innovative sailing yacht and has several other special features. Indeed, the helm stations are offset to starboard and port. Thanks to these offset seats, the captain can easily look away, enjoy manoeuvres more easily and have a comfortable position during long voyages. In addition, the aft deck is spacious with technical access through hatches under the port bench seat and on the aft skirt. At the end of the aft deck, on the starboard mast, a wind generator and several electronic equipments are installed.

Tailor-made solar panels with a total surface area of 5.50m² are placed along the deckhouse to complement the pod, which operates as a hydro-generator to recharge the battery pack. On the foredeck, a non-slip surface on the same level as the side decks allows for a fall-free movement. The deck panels at the front of the deck provide a direct source of light to the cabins below. The double glazing of the deckhouse windows optimises energy performance. Technically, these windows are fitted flush with the deckhouse.

Inside, the body of the yacht offers a neat and modern space with light woodwork, all designed by Natalie AMOROS, designer for R3Dstudio. This interior highlights the presence of a composite material made of linen from Normandy in our construction. A straight staircase without risers leads to a chart table on the starboard side. It is extended by a spacious galley under deck windows. To port, fabric benches surround a large table.

In addition, under the staircase, a space is dedicated to work and can be arranged as a play area. This “new space” is allowed by the fact that the boat is not equipped with an engine room for a combustion engine. The electric motor is much more compact and is positioned under the floor. The gain is an extra room, customisable under the companionway. At the front, the owner’s cabin provides space and comfort for its users, with complete fittings. The aft section offers a double cabin for guests.

Low temperature radiant panels are fitted to the ceilings to provide heating for the boat. Water heating is produced on demand by two 10 litre water heaters. One is placed in the bathroom and the second in the galley.

The machine hold is a spacious room housing a generator (FischerPanda 20kW generator) and all the technical electrical equipment needed to propel the electric POD.