The AVENTURINE is an electrically powered catamaran floating home.

Capable of accommodating 2 to 4 people in category C, this dwelling will delight fans of unusual accommodation.

Description of AVENTURINE

Intended to be offered as river or sea tourism accommodation, the AVENTURINE built and marketed by L’BORD’EAUX is an unusual floating home. The boat is accessible to a large number of people thanks to its great stability (catamaran design). It can be moored at a harbour site or simply move around and use its mooring in complete autonomy, thanks to an electric motor partly powered by solar panels. Just like a house or a camper van, this accommodation is equipped to have all the amenities of a house on land.

The concept is ecological, warm and intimate, so that those who like unusual accommodation will find their happiness in our “Tiny House” floating home.

Technical sheet

Overall length : 8.57 m
Lenght of the house : 6.55 m
Overall width : 2.99 m
Width of the house : 2.47 m
Draught : 0.72 m
Air draught : 3.47 m
Number of beds : Maximum 4 people
Motorization : 2 x 6cv

The exterior of the boat is made up of a gangplank allowing access to the boat from a side dock. The latter leads the passengers to the front deck where the helm, the mooring system and the various stowages are grouped together, as on a real boat.

The floating house is surrounded by a rigid guardrail allowing the platform to be fully secured. On the roof, 4 solar panels are placed along the entire length of the boat and supply the energy park of the ship. The floating house is built in collaboration with TinyHouse builders and thus benefits from the expertise and experience so specific to these designs (weight research, ergonomic tips etc).

The floats are made of composite fibre and the platform located on the floats is covered with a non-slip gel coat with storage hatches and technical access.

The entrance to the house is through a generous 3-panel bay window and opens directly onto a saloon / sofa and a height-adjustable table to allow for two extra berths. Behind this saloon, the owners will find a fully equipped kitchen with fridge, microwave/grill and plenty of storage space. Continuing up the steps to the footbridge, the bedroom is revealed and benefits from a beautiful luminosity as well as generous storage space. Close to the shower room and separated from the kitchen by a glass wall, it is an open room but with an intimate atmosphere.

The bathroom is probably the most unusual room in this floating home. The shower area is completely off the back of the boat and almost entirely glazed ! Equipped with electronically controlled blackout glass (or curtains for the more sceptical…), the shower gives the impression of overlooking the water and offers an exceptional feeling of freedom to those who use it.