HOPE 28′

Hope28’ in a day cruiser which has been desinged and built in order to permit disable people to go sailing.

HOPE 28′ presentation

The customer of this singular sailing vessel is HANDISPORT, a french association allowing disable people to practice all sorts of sports.

HOPE28’ is a ketch rigged boat. This sailing plan permits several people to check and trim sails at the same time. This boat is to be a pedagocial support for all passengers.
The boat is particularly wide in order to provide a great transversal stability as well as a safe and nice circulation on deck for wheeling chairs (flush deck cockpit).

The boat is actually sailing in Normandy (France) and is an happy story for all children who want to sail and practice navigations.

The boat is to be built by the shipyard LEBAILLY NAUTISME.


HOPE 28′ video

Technical specifications

  • Overall length : 9.23 m

  • Overall breadth: 2.49 m

  • Light ship displacement : 2 055 kg

  • Upwind sail area: 34.7 m²

  • Draft: 0.38 / 1.63 m

Hope 28 pont2 par Lebailly
Hope 28 pont1 par Lebailly

See more about the building construction site LEBAILLY NAUTISME