Marcouf21 is a 6meters long semirigid, built in aluminium and intended to be used for day cruises and coastal fishing.

MARCOUF 21 presentation

The boat is supposed to be used for day cruises. The hull is realised in aluminium and a surrounding inflattable tube in Hypalon permits to bring stability and confort onboard.

The hull has been thought in aluminium in order to authorize cruises around rocks and landing on sands without any risks.

The boat can be built by a professionnal shipyard can be thought as an amateur built vessel.


Technical specifications

  • Overall length : 6.47 m

  • Overall breadth : 2.44 m

  • Light ship displacement : 0.98 tonnes

  • Motorisation max : 150 hp

  • Draft: 0.35 m

  • Certification: CE Cat.C