PAROA 34′ is a sailing monohull buit in composite on a specific request, for fast cruising intended uses.

PAROA 34′ presentation

This sailing yacht is equipped with a powerfull rig in full carbon, two thin coposite rudder blades and swing keel, permitting low draft when required..

 The interior arrangement is very simple and presents two double cabins, one large galley, a saloon and chart table, as well as a confortable bathroom.

 Cockpit is divided in two specific areas: crew zone and passenger zone, more confortable and equipped with a table and large seats.

 The transom can be openned for easy access to the sea.

Flush deck hatches are fitted for a nice and smooth design of the superstructures.


Technical specifications

  • Overall length : 10.95 m

  • Hull length : 10.20 m

  • Waterline length : 9.56 m

  • Overall breadth : 3.07 m

  • Light ship displacement : 3.6 tonnes

  • Ballast : 0.97 tonnes

  • Upwind sail area : 68 m²

  • Spi: 110 m²

  • Motorisation: 20 (or 30hp option)

  • Fresh water capacity: 120 L

  • Diesel capacity: 100 L

  • Draft: 1.25 / 2.30m

  • Certification: CE Cat.A

  • Construction: ShoreTeam Yard (Caen)

  • Interior design: NC Design

Paroa pont par Lebailly
Paroa amenagement par Lebailly